Monday, March 11, 2013

Aimez La Vie!

It's been quite a while. More or less 10 months to date. Since I last posted in this blog. I don't have any solid excuse. Except for lack of inspiration.

Yes, it does happen to the best of us. (Us being haphazard hobby writers posing as struggling wanna-be bloggers. Me being the perfect example! ) Grief numbed my senses. Losing people I love threw me off tangent. And my creativity was tinted in overcast gray.

So time passed. It healed the pain of loss. Coupled with reflection and discernment, color slowly seeped back into my life again. For every crisis or challenge, I now see it as a blessing. When something ends, I hope for new beginnings. And when I see sunrise, I thank the Lord for another day. Aimez la vie. C'est le seul que vous avez! Choz.

Wala lang. Birthday ko bwas. I felt the need to make a statement. Hahaha! Mwah!

Family. Love.

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